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Child & Teen Prevention


Children and youth are the leaders of tomorrow.  Through the Bridge to Life Community Opioid Response Project (CORP), age appropriate drug prevention programs will be offered for children and youth of all ages.  The objective for this component is to educate young people about the definition of opioids and dangers of misusing harmful drugs that may be considered ok because they were prescribed by a physician.  Young people will learn that: 

  • Unsecured and improperly disposed prescription medication is the number one source of access for children, teens, pets, and those seeking to abuse or misuse drugs; 

  • Ingesting prescription drugs not prescribed for the individual taking the drug is dangerous and can be severly harmful; 

  • They can help save lives by exercising safe practices, such as minimizing access to their prescription drugs, safely storing unused prescription drugs, and disposing of unwanted and expired prescription drugs; 

  • Severe harm, accidental overdose, or even death can occur when prescription drugs are misused, abuse, or accidently ingested. 

While many schools systems offer drug prevention curriculum, a best practice includes meaningful community and parent engagement. Even though talking about drug use and abuse is not an easy conversation to have with youth because you may not feel you have enough knowledge about drugs or are simply overwhelmed by the complexity of peer pressure, having open, honest discussions with youth can and will make a difference in the lives of young people and the community at-large. 


Substance use prevention teams that focuses on spreading awareness about drug prevention are a great way to involve youth in a fun activity that is also effective in preventing drug use. The CORP program will work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County, faith-based organizations, and other interested youth groups to establish teams and spearhead focus groups and community discussions. 


If you are concerned that your child is already using drugs, you must take appropriate action in order to help your child. The Drug Free Alliance offers resources and step-by-step actions at: Also, please use the Pill Identification Wizard to identify the type of pills you suspect your child may be taking drugs.  

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