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About Us


The Bridge of Edgewood (The Bridge) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering health and nutrition programs and services primarily targeting minority populations impacted by health inequities that lead to chronic disease, obesity, and obesity-related health outcomes

The Bridge works through partnerships with community-based organizations, healthcare professionals and local government agencies whose main mission is to reduce racial disparities in health

Health and nutrition programs offered by The Bridge are governed by a methodology that utilizes faith, science-based strategies, techniques and methods, credible data, and proven outcomes


The Bridge has an ongoing goal to increase its capacity to expand and provide programs and services to improve outcomes in communities throughout the State of Maryland

Our programs are designed to help improve the health of vulnerable populations and are open to people of all ethnicities, cultures and ages in hopes of leading to better health for everyone

A Supportive Hug

The Bridge serves the community through health and awareness classes, substance abuse prevention, food distributions, free community breakfasts with healthy food focus, and outdoor health fairs.

We engage our nutrition and wellness program participants through virtual/online classes and webinars, in-person activities and telephonic outreach

Mission: To provide education and support for healthy lifestyles and health improvement for minority population and the public.

Sponsors and Partners

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