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Community Opioid Response Project

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Community Awareness and Outreach

Outreach activities will be inclusive of workshops, conferences, food distributions, feeding programs, and awareness campaigns (i.e. safe prescription disposal protocols) to share community/country-wide.


Child and Teen Prevention

The children and teens of America are the future of all of us. At the Bridge, we believe appropriate drug prevention programs taught at an appropriate age can greatly impact a young person's decision to use or not use drugs in the future.


Law Enforcement

Today, the leading cause of accidental death is overdose, surpassing automobile accidents. The overdose death rates will continue to climb unless communities come together with law enforcement to share the burden of stopping this trend.



Just as the physiological and anatomical bases for pain and addiction share common neurophysiological pathways, the community-level response to prescription opioid use problems must address pain and addiction simultaneiously..

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Drug Free Community

The Drug Free Community program as two goal:

1. Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, public and private non-profit agencies; as well as governments

2. Reduce substance use among youth and, over time, reduce abuse among adults.

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