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Pill Drop Basics - the Most Common Disposal Method

Presented April 26, 2021

The purpose for this program is to introduce the importance of safely disposing unused, unwanted, and expired prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs. This method to be discussed is the most commonly used disposal method

00:40 - What are opioids

01:24 - How are opioids Impacting Lives

02:08 - What's happening to combat the Crisis?

03:23 - How to Safely dispose of Unused or Expired Medication

07:10 - Why is this important

08:00 - What medication is allowed in the drop box?

08:44 - Drop Box Locations in Harford Country

09:17 - Drug Take Back Program

09:54 - Safety Tip: Keep Track of Medications

10:25 - In Review: How to Safely dispose of medication

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