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Conventional Disposal Method—Is it OK to dispose in Trash Receptacle (Yes or No)?

Presented May 25, 2021

The objective of this session is to increase knowledge and/or heighten awareness surrounding proper disposal of prescription medications using non-conventional disposal methods. Participants will learn the first non-conventional, approved1 method of disposing unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs

00:37 - Why Dispense in Drop Box?

01:50 - Can Medications be thrown in the trash?

01:58 - 3 Ways to dispense of mediation

03:15 - Safe Medication Disposal Video

07:38 - Remember too...

08:20 - Why is it unsafe to crush a tablet before throwing it away

08:40 - Another way to safely dispose...

09:18 - And finally...

10:05 - Edgewood Sheriff Office Pill Drop Location

10:53 - Bel Air Sherriff Office Pill Drop Location

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