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Community Opioid Response Project

Our Projects

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Needs Assessment

Conducting needs assessments is essential for every program. Needs assessment will be conducted initially to identify at-risk individuals; to determine community needs, program goals, and desired outcomes for each program component. 

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Community Education

Educational programs will be offered to improve the public's capacity to recognize and avoid the dangers of misuse/abuse of prescription opioids. Evidence provides a direct link between opioid addiction and trauma, especially for individuals that have had early adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)..  


Naloxone Administration Training

Community integration of naloxone will build capacity for faith/community-based organizations and non-profits so they can join in the fight to combat opioid misuse and deaths. We will participate and promote virtual trainings. 

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Safe Pill Drop

The Safe Pill Drop program is designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and behaviors surrounding prescription medications and appropriate disposal methods..  


Lazarus Peer Guides

Lazarus Peer Guides (LPGs) are primarily work through Lazarus Recovery Services with those using, seeking, or active in recovery by assisting with life needs; housing, clothing, food, work, courts, children, etc. 

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Research and Data Collection

Research demonstrates a strong link between exposure to traumatic events and complications brought on by substance misuse. The 1998 ACE study by Kaiser Permanente and the CDC provided strong evidence between early trauma and opioid addiction..  


Staff Training

Ongoing mandatory trainings and workshops will be offered for program staff and partners regarding the opioid epidemic and modalities to address the crisis, and data collection.  

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