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Stress Management Part II: Art & Music

Presented June 15, 2021

In this session there are 2 presenters, Dr. Otto Wilson and Mr. Charles Johnson. 


Dr. Wilson presents art therapy and how we can benefit from it. He also takes a deep dive into Origami, looking at it's history, it's presence in nature, and modern application of Origami.


Mr. Charles presents music therapy, the elements of music, and the physical effects of music, particularly it's effects on fatigue and stress. Mr. Charles plays bits of music on his keyboard and saxophone throughout his presentation to illustrate the principles discussed.

02:12 - Art Therapy and Addictions
03:48 - Intro - A Different Perspective On Addiction
07:43 - What is Art Therapy
08:18 - Who Can Benefit from Art Thereapy and what can it help?
08:42 - How can Art Therapy hold such promise for hop and healing from addiction
10:55 - What Does God Look Like?
13:00 - The Origin of Creativity in Art and Origami:Building Blocks for Learning
14:29 - Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect
16:45 - Origami: Ancient Art
20:50 - Origami in Nature
21:48 - Origami: Modern Applications
24:40 - Transformative Aspects of Origami
25:20 - Lava Lamps & creating 

32:30 - Music Introduction
33:42 - Game: Name that Tune
38:11 - What does music do for us? Physical effects on us.
39:19 - Elements of Music: Rythm, Tension, and Release
41:07 - Physical Effects on heart rate, resperation, and blood pressure
44:15 - Effects on fatigue and stress
48:50 - Examples of songs to help de-stress

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