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Opioids and the Brain: This is your brain on drugs

Presented April 20, 2021

In this session, Dr. Ralph Peterson, M.D., will define what opioids are and how they affect the brain and body (neurological system,) and cause an addiction.  Participants will learn about the positive and negative side affects of opioid use, as well as the short and long-term effects of misusing opioids. 

01:00 - Chemicals in the brain that help us feel good

04:57 - Dopamine: The Super Neurotransmitter

07:12 - How opioids can alter the brains ability to produce natural "feel-good" chemicals

13:47 - Too Much Dopamine: Overstimulated Brain

19:12 - Nicotine's effect on the Brain Reward Pathway

25:49 - How opioids help reduce pain

29:12 - What can we do to prevent Opioid misuse - Rethink Addiction

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