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Health and Wellness

 FREE health & wellness information that will help you meet your goals for better nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and an overall improved sense of well-being.  




Core program components are based on CREATION Life®, a faith-based health and wellness philosophy founded by AdventHealth System.  The model is based on eight universal principles of health.

The topics we covered by our health and wellness program are shown below. If you missed any of our sessions, click here to view our archives.

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Session Date: TBD


God gave freedom of choice at creation. Making healthy choices is the KEY to improving your life. It's the starting point from which everything else flows. Choice is the first step toward improving your well-being. Before positive change can be achieved, we must deliberately choose to do so.

Vacation at the Beach
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Session Date: TBD


Rest was created by God. Rest makes it possible for us to function at our best. Rest is essential for good health. Without proper rest, we forfeit the health benefits that nutrition and exercise provide. People who don't get enough regular sleep have decreased brain function and increased rates of disease and mortality.

Community Garden
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Session Date: TBD


Environment is a powerful gift from God. Environment is what you hear, see, smell, or touch. Our environment has a powerful influence on the mind and body and affects our mood and health. Maintaining a healthy environment is essential for helping us live longer and for enhancing our quality of life. 

Winter Activity
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Session Date: TBD


Activity includes both the physical and mental aspects of our being because the mind and body are intimately connected.  The mind can be exercised by reading, or learning a new language or activity. Physical activity powers our brain, reduces heart disease, diabetes, repression and other diseases

Girl Praying
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Session Date: TBD


Trust in God is what makes living life to the fullest possible. When we talk about Trust, we're talking about placing our faith and reliance in a loving God who takes an active interest in our lives. Research reveals that people who place their faith in God and trust Him may increase the lenght of their lives by up to seven years.

Mother Daughter Portrait
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Session Date: TBD


God designed and created us to be at our best when connected to Him and others. Healthy interpersonal relationships include good communication, servanthood, sharing, touch, encouragement, and trust. Interpersonal relationships are vital to our health.

Portrait at Work
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Session Date: TBD


Outlook is a gift you give to yourself. Outlook is essential to health, happiness and abundance. An optimistic outlook helps us to get the most out of life. A positive outlook brings hope, ignites love and sets our hearts ablaze. When you choose an optimistic outlook, you dramatically increase your chances for success

Healthy Food
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Session Date: TBD


Fueling our body with wholesome nutrition is one way to enjoy the abundant life God offers. Wholesome nutrition reduces the risk of some diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers and osteoporosis. Wholesome nutrition improves your ability to recover from illness or injury.

Other Special Topics


In this session, Participants will discover what stress is and how it can affect the body.  

Session Date: TBD


Jogging Partners

Participants will engage in an exercise activity. We will also incorporate healthy eating practices and examples.

Session Date: TBD


Child at the Doctor's Office

Dr. Halstead will discuss the difference between obesity and being overweight, the symptoms of obesity and the risk of obesity.

Session Date: TBD


Diabetes Self Management Program

Dr. Halstead will discuss what diabetes is and the difference between Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and prediabetes.

Session Date: TBD


Professional Chefs

Engage in a cooking class with Juanita Jones. Discover how healthy desserts can become a staple in their home.

Session Date: TBD

Cooking Class

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Dr. Halstead will discuss interventions to combat diabetes.

Session Date: TBD

Diabetes Part 2

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