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Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment.png

Conducting needs assessments is essential for every program. Needs assessments will be conducted initially to identify at-risk individuals; to determine community needs, program goals, and desired outcomes for each program component; and to provide valuable information that will help design and implement targeted technical assistance and trainings for community partners and staff. As a religious organization, conducting needs assessments are primary to ensuring things are done “decently and in order,” to promote program sustainability and lasting impact for targeted participants.


Due to the current stay-at-home order, The Bridge to Life CORP staff will conduct needs assessment initially by leveraging our Food Distribution Program and launching our CORP website to disseminate information and recruit participants.


We will recruit in the Edgewood Maryland area initially and will eventually broaden the scope to include the surrounding communities. We will begin in Edgewood particularly because it is an unincorporated community1 and census-designated place2 for the 2020 Census and the data collected will be shared with MHD and BHA respectively.

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