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How Opioids Affect

the Way the Brain Interprets Pain

Presented May 4, 2021

In this session, Dr. Chan S Hwang, M.D., will define what will talk about pain and how it has a beneficial role in protecting an individual who has been harmed from further harm and motivates the person to find a remedy. We will learn how the brain interprets pain and activates endorphins to reduce pain. We will also learn about the short-term benefits of opioid pain killers
and the significant risks of chronic opioid use.

02:21 - Pain is Beneficial

05:08 - How is Pain Interpreted

08:48 - Brain's Response

10:46 - Endogenous Opioids and Endorphins

12:14 - Opium - What are Opiates

16:40 - How do Opioids Work

18:25 - Undesired Effects of Opioid

20:55 - Sleep Deprivation

23:13 - Chronic Opioid Use and the Immune System

24:47 - Opioid Induced by Paralgesia

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