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Pain Management and Other Modalities to Address Pain

Presented June 1, 2021

In this session, Dr. Chan Hwang will present on a very important topic:  Pain Management and other modalities to address pain.  Participants will become familiar with pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to manage chronic pain.  Participants will understand the difference between acute and chronic pain, the neurobiology, etiology, and psychology of pain management. 

03:18 - Pharmacological strategies to fight pain

05:00 - Anti-inflammatories

06:11 - Anti-epileptics reduce pain transmission 

07:34 - Antidepressants help tolerate Pain

09:16 - Pain injections

10:00 - Surgical Procedures for chronic pain

12:00 - Regenerative and gene therapies

12:59 - Alternative and psychological treatments

14:08 - Lifestyle treatments for chronic pain

15:25 - Nutrition: Whole, plant-based diet

16:33 - Exercise: Gentle stretching to begin then strengthen as pain improves

17:55 - Hydration: Water inside and out

18:23 - Health Benefits of Sunshine

19:30 - Avoidance of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs

20:40 - Breathing, sleep, and recreation

21:47 - Trust in God

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